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Augusta Stylianou was born in Cyprus, the island of the goddess Aphrodite, in a beautiful sea-side town called Limassol. From a young age she enjoyed Geography and took interest in the customs and traditions of cultures. She wanted to find out, as was possible, about the entire world as well as the way in which it was created. She studied Political Sciences and Public Administration at the university of Athens, regardless of the fact that these fields of study did not reflect her true interests.
During her student life she would make handicrafts, including jewellery, in the spare time that she had. This brought her closer to the arts and from then on her aim was to become an artist.
The opportunity to pursue this goal was presented to her several years later when she attended art lessons for three years at the Public Art Institution of Cyprus. Her love of nature and her spirit of exploration led her to discover the pebbles of the sea and the small world which lay within them. Her signature theme is the creation of the universe and its mysteries.
She was fortunate to study Greek philosophy as a module of her political sciences course at university. Her knowledge of Greek philosophy, astronomy and astrology helped her to create these works of art.
Her latest inspiration uses astrology and astronomy in combination with the pebbles of the sea.
By creating their own personal chart, people are given the ability to take a deeper interest in themselves as well as in the world of the universe which surrounds them.
Augusta has taken part in numerous art exhibitions, alone as well as with other artists. Nevertheless, she believes that the internet is by far the best means by which to display her work since she considers it to have infinite possibilities; as infinite as is the theme of her work.

1998: Common Exhibition of Governmental Institute.

2000: Common Exhibition of Governmental Institute.

2001: Common Exhibition of self-instructive painters in the Cultural Centre of Bank Cyprus in Limassol.

2003: Common Exhibition of self-instructive painters in the Famagusta gate Culture Center in Nicosia.

2004: Common Exhibition of self-instructive painters in the Cultural Centre of Bank Cyprus Limassol.

2005: First individual Exhibition in the hotel Hilton in Nicosia.

2006: Common Exhibition in the Commercial and Industrial Chamber in Nicosia.

2006: Common Exhibition in the Municipal Art gallery of Municipality in Limassol

2008: Second individual in the Cultural Centre of Municipality in Yermasoyia.

2008: Common Exhibition in the Cultural Centre of Municipality in Yermasoyia.

2014: Group Exhibition in the House of Art and Letters in Limassol

Presentation of the artist in the magazine of Limassol Vivendi

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